Apimaye Inner Cover/Feeder Half Size (Set of 2)

Model: 20202

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Apimaye Top Cover Feeder acts as the Inner Cover. Fits Apimaye hives and 10 frame wooden hives (using a rim spacer on top or under a telescopic deeper lid). Apimaye is designed with every detail for the bees well-being in mind.

The hive-top feeder has several distinct advantages over other types of feeders:

  -  Vented on edges to allow free air flow from top to bottom eliminating moisture buildup.

  -  Ability to feed syrup and dry feed simutaneously with the split feeder design or 2 colonies within the same box in conjunction with the dividing board.

  -  You don't have to fill the feeder frequently because of the large capacity.

  -  Fill the feeder without risk of being stung or drowning curious bees. (the bees are  on the bottom side of the feeder completely enclosed in the hive)

  -  Because you don't have to completely open the hive to refill it, you don't disturb the colony (every time you smoke and open a hive you set the bee's progress back a few days)

  -  Feed is not exposed to sunlight so you can add medication without concern that prolonged light will diminish it's effectivene.

  -  Easy to clean and sanitize between uses.

    Half Size-Feeders. Item is for 2 half-sized feeders