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Hive Alive is the only feed supplement scientifically proven to deliver stronger colonies, increase honey production, keep disease levels low and improve over-winter success.

Scroll down to discover how Hive Alive protects colonies by maintaining intestinal well-being and keeping colonies healthy. 


HiveAlive contains a blend of unique seaweeds, scientifically selected for honeybee health

Seaweeds are known to possess many beneficial properties:

Suitable for organic beekeeping   Anti-Fungal

antivirus   Immune Boosting

Suitable for organic beekeeping   Anti-Viral

tick   Anti-Bacterial

intestinal   Pre-biotic Activity


Seaweeds are added to animal feeds for numerous benefits, such as

bar chart     Productivity

 cross    General Health

 intestinal    Gut Health

 antivirus    Immune Function

 honey    Nutrition




Value for money

Excellent value for money

According to studies, feeding HiveAlive activated syrup in autumn and spring results in a population increase of 89% and an increase in honey yields of 40%. This means increased nuc and package production as well as increased returns from additional honey sales.  



Benefits of seaweed

Natural, Active Ingredients

HiveAlive was developed specifically for honeybee health and contains a unique blend of seaweed extracts as well as thymol and lemongrass oil. 




Increase colony populations with HiveAlive

Increase colony populations

Year on year, colonies treated with HiveAlive™ are stronger, more productive and are better able to defend against disease. Feeding HiveAlive also reduces overwinter mortality and maintains low disease levels.




probiotics for bees

Promote Intestinal Well-being

Seaweeds have been shown to possess prebiotic activity meaning they have the ability to promote the growth of beneficial/probiotic bacteria found in the gut. Seaweeds also exert a protective effect on the gut, allowing increased protection from pathogens such as Nosema. Trials show reduced Nosema spore levels when HiveAlive is fed. 



HiveAlive easy to use

Easy to use

HiveAlive can be added to syrup, candy or patties for feeding to bees. It can also be added to syrup for drenching colonies.




HiveAlive prevents syrup from fermenting

Prevents Syrup From Fermenting

Syrup with HiveAlive added can be stored until next season without fermenting. In addition, syrup fed to hives that is not consumed before winter comes will not ferment in frames or cause dysentery. HiveAlive activated syrup stored in frames will actually help clean the frames.



HiveAlive aids queen acceptance

Aid New Queen Acceptance

Spray/drench the hive with HiveAlive activated syrup to aid new queen acceptance. 




Cleaner hive with HiveAlive

For a cleaner, healthier hive

Spray/Drench HiveAlive activated syrup for a cleaner, healthier hive and to revitalize bees underperforming, weak or not feeding, ideally once a week for 3 weeks to cover full breeding cycle. Spring is the best time to do this. 



hivealive prevents bearding

Limit bearding/absconding when introducing thymol based miticides

Feed HiveAlive activated syrup 1-2 weeks before administering thymol based miticides to limit the possibility of absconding/bearding.