Top Feeder 10 Frame

Model: FD-729
Top Feeder 10 Frame

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The Improved Mann Lake Top Feeder Insert holds up to 4 gallons of syrup and features a galvanized steel safety screen to prevent drowning of bees! This feeder is constructed of a heavy-duty, single piece plastic to provide a no-leak reservoir!

  • Fill the feeder without opening the hive
  • Holds up to 4 gallons (15 l)
  • One piece construction prevents leaking
  • Improved design to help keep the bees under the screen
  • Fits standard 10 frame equipment
  • Fits in 10 Frame 4¾" (11.43 cm) Super
  • Some assembly required on Top Feeder Insert. Screen and hardware included.
  • Insert only. Super sold separately.

Remove honey supers intended for human consumption prior to feeding.