Basic Hive Kit (Assembled)

Model: AST-14
Basic Hive Kit (Assembled)

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Everything you need to start beekeeping. Perfect for hobbyist, this basic starter hive kit includes all components of a hive: metal top telescoping cover, inner cover, deep standard brood box hive body, entrance reducer, standard bottom board, with 10 wooden frames with yellow prewaxed plastic inserts everything assembled. In additional, you get a stainless steel smoker, hive tool and as protective clothing a hat with veil and XL goat skin leather gloves fits all sizes.

The Basic hive kit contains:

• 1 Deep hive body
• 1 Standard  bottom board
• 1 Inner cover
• 1 Entrance reducer
• 1 Metal telescopic cover
• 10 Wooden frames & plastic foundations
• 1 Smoker
• 1 Hive tool
• 1 Hat and veil combo
• 1 Pair of leather glove