200L Electric Wax Melting Tank with Strainer "LIQUIDATION"

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200L Electric Wax Melting Tank with Strainer

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Honeybees don't only make honey, but they also produce a great amount of wax to contain their brood or to store their food. Before extraction, one must uncap the cells on the frames in order to access the honey. The capping will accumulate quickly to become a big sticky piece, why not put it to use? They could be used to make lip balms, cosmetics and our favorite of course: some beautiful Candle Molds.

Premium quality 304 stainless steel material electrical wax melter. It comes with an airtight sealed cover with a secure closing lock. The top lid can hold itself open without support to facilitate the process during transfers. 

Safe & Practical

Two handled stainless steel filtering sieve is also included, which removes the impurities and let the remaining honey drip. It is double walled with a gap between the two drums, keeping the inside warm while the outer layer is cooler to avoid any unwanted burn during manipulation.

Comes with 3 legs supporting the drum at the perfect height to put a pail, settler or any container to collect the wax pouring liquid wax from the valve. 

Bain-Marie system, water jacket

Temperature control pannel 

200L Capacity

Heating power of 7.5kw 

110 Volt plug 


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