Basic Hive Kit (Assembled)

Model: AST-14
Basic Hive Kit (Assembled)

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Welcome on this sweet journey of beekeeping

Congrats! You’re just a couple steps away from your dream of becoming a Beekeeper!

The Basic Hive Kit is a perfect combination of an assembled hive with all necessary components, tools, equipment and protective clothing for starters. All you need to start beekeeping, in one easy package!

The Basic hive kit contains:

• 1 Deep hive body
• 1 Standard  bottom board
• 1 Inner cover
• 1 Entrance reducer
• 1 Metal telescopic cover
• 10 Wooden frames & plastic foundations
• 1 Smoker
• 1 Hive tool
• 1 Hat and veil combo
• 1 Pair of leather glove

Beekeeping has never been easier!

Now that you got your starter kit, you are halfway there! Only one thing missing… your bees! Reserve your nucleus colonies for spring NOW 

Let us introduce you to the basics of beekeeping. First and foremost, to assure the success of your colony, you must make sure to set up the hive in a suitable location. You can then fuel your smoker smoker fuel sold separately and light it up. Once that is completed, suit up by wearing your new veiled hat and gloves. Be cautious when opening it, as you know it is packed with bees! Lift the box from the side further away from you, as they might fly straight to you otherwise. Using your hive tool, carefully transfer the frames of bees one by one by placing them at the center of your new hive. The frames will most likely be stuck together because of the wax. If that is the case, gently separate them using your tool and continue the process.

Once the transfer completed, remove the protective cap on the Queen’ cage and place it on top of the frames with the tube facing downwards. This allows the Queen to eat the sugar and release herself out, while the other bees get used to her scent in preparation for them to accept her as their new Majesty.

These are the global guidelines for the first steps of your operations. You can enjoy watching the bee population multiply at a surprising rate within the first few weeks!

Your hive is now set up. Honeybees are ready to pollinate and produce your own sweet honey!