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 Polystyrene beehives are becoming more and more popular. Light weight, locking boxes and uniform size in comparison with wooden beehives make them especially useful in migratory apiaries, but they are also great in stationary professional and hobbyist apiaries.

Main reasons for their popularity 

Durability and high level of aesthetics. High thermal insulation properties aid in a consistent thermal environment which is necessary for growing of the  bee colony in Spring. Steady temperatures are easier for the bees to maintain the brood nest freeing up energy for nectar collection which increases honey yields. In winter an addional wrap is not required and the entrance reducer has a built in mouse guard saving extra labour/ equipment costs. The only problem which beekeeper can encounter is dampness of brood box resulting from impermeability of this material.

Polystyrene being a superior insulator, is another reason making this hive so great. Built to resist cold winter as we have here in Canada. Its screened bottom board and the 4 vent plugs at the front and 4 at the back of the top cover providing an adjustable air flow eliminating accumulation of water and humidity within the hive.


Advantages of polystyrene beehives:

  • excellent thermal insulation properties
  • ease of decontamination
  • resistance to condensation 
  • light weight for easy lifting when working in and moving hives
  • long lasting and durable. Withstands all types of weather 
  • strong and sturdy
  • environmentally friendly (no risk for environment, secondary use of waste)
  • This polystyrene hive can be painted with exterior latex which will add a protective layer making it more resistant to wear for a longer lifespan

American Langstroth Beehive structure
»» high roof
»» body (46,5 × 37,5 × H: 24 cm), 2 pcs
»» high varroa bottom board



  • Top Cover
  • 2 deep hive bodies
  • Screened bottom board
  • eight polystyrene plugs & eight plastic screened vent plugs

Inner body dimensions: 37 x 46.5 x 22 cm (2 pieces) 

* Please note: This item is shipped unassembled