Honey Extractor 2 Frame - Plastic

Model: AEX-P2M
Honey Extractor 2 frame - Plastic

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Extraction, simplified

Designed with the Hobbyist in mind

This was specially designed for hobbyist beekeepers like you, offering a food grade quality drum making it lightweight and easy to transport. No more bulky equipment, this small spinner can be easily stored without taking much space. It can extract two deep (91/8"), two medium (6 ¼”) or two shallow (5 3/8" ) Langstroth size frames 


Simple, Durable & Economical

Only required assembly is the included handle to bolt. Then, insert your honey frames (wooden and/or plastic) and start spinning! The inner cage is made of acid-resistant stainless steel rods and has painted metal enclosed gear, forming the perfect combination of simplicity, economical and a solid, long lasting piece of equipment. With its conical bottom, the drum ensures an optimal draining of the honey.


Easy to operate. Built to last.

The cleaning process has never been so easy. Simply unscrew the top two bolts on the top bar to entirely remove the cage. Using a stainless-steel cleaner or warm water with a clean cloth, gently pass over it, and watch your extractor look like brand new again!

Comes with a 2-year warranty.