Swarm Commander 2oz

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Swarm Commander is a proprietary blend of oils that mimics the natural pheromone “Nasonov” and is the newest and most unique swarm lure on the market today. 

Swarm lures are extremely popular and widely used in order to trap wild honey bee swarms. This spray increases the chances that the swarm trap you’ve chosen will capture swarms. The Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure 2oz. bottle is an effective lure that can help you attract the passing feral swarms and capture wild honeybee colonies. This powerful and effectual swarm lure gives you the edge you need to capture the honeybee colony you need to build the apiary you want. 

Not only is the most effective but it is also the easiest to use. Just spray two sprays on your inner cover and one spray on at the entrance. The release of its “pheromone” will ensure you are baited for at least a week.