Budget Hive Box 10 Frame - Assembled

Model: AW1010CGD
Budget Hive Box 10 Frame - Assembled

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Deep and Medium hive boxes made of lower-quality pine, ideal for beekeepers seeking cost-effective solutions. Designed to fit 10 Langstroth frames with handles on all four sides. Generally used for brood boxes as permanent housing for your colony but, if you are expecting a strong nectar flow, can be used as honey supers for Deep boxes. Medium boxes are generally used as honey supers.

All of our assembled boxes are glued and stapled to ensure durability and strength. It's always a good idea to keep extra boxes on hand.

9 5/8" high and 7/8" thick Canadian White Pine

Please note: there might be knots present in the wood as minor cracks. However since they are assembled, all pieces fits perfectly and are ready to be used! The knots does not affect functionality of the boxes nor the bees performance during the honey flow.