How to make beeswax candles from home

What you will need
- Candle Mold
- Hair Pin
- Beeswax
- Wax Melter
- Candle Wick
- Rubber Bands
- Scooping tool
- Scissors
- 2 Straight sticks
First start by melting your wax at about 65 degrees Celsius (149 °F)
Do NOT heat over 80 °C (176 °F) since beeswax loses natural properties after that point
Insert the wick through the slit on the side of the silicone mold
Make sure the wick size matches the recommended size on the mold
Cut the wick with scissors by leaving an inch from top and bottom
Better to have more than not enough. Extra bottom wick can be cut as last step
Wrap the mold using rubber bands to hold it steady and avoid leakage
Put one on each extremity and if the size allows it, along the center part of the mold
Use the hair pin to center the wick through the mold
Use the two straight sticks to hold the pin centered
Be as precise as possible for a more steady and even burn
Using the scooping tool, quickly scoop the liquid beeswax
Careful for this step, scoop the wax quickly before it dries without burning yourself
Slowly pour the liquid wax to fill the candle mold
Transfer the beeswax slowly for the candle to properly take the desired shapes
For a precise finish, it is recommended to heat the molds with detailed patterns
Let it cool until compelety solid
For at least an hour. The bigger the candle, the longer it takes to solidify
Once the candle has cooled, remove the pin, sticks and rubber bands
Gently open the mold from the slit to separate the wax from the silicone
Final Result
Your candles are now ready to be displayed, adding a beautiful and unique decorative touch
Place it on a candle holder and light the wick to let it slowly spread its natural essence