2 Frame Manual Honey Extractor - Minima

Model: W2019BN
2 Frame Manual Honey Extractor - Minima

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2 frame tangential honey extractors are useful in smaller apiaries and for hobbyist beekeepers. They are compact and easy to use. Thanks to their construction MINIMA extractors are able to extract even the most dense honey. Conical bottom design allows honey to drain easily.

2-frame (Dadant, Dadant ½, Langstroth) manual drive, with legs and transparent cover


Product line MINIMA
Type of extractor tangential 2-frame
Drum diameter[mm] Ø400
Frame type Universal
Drive system manual
Drum thickness 0,6 mm
Honey gate Plastic 6/4"
Top bar Powder coated flat bar
Cover Acrylic glass, 3 mm
Legs Short, powder coated
Mesh size 20×20 mm
Basket mount Tarnamid sleeve
Drum height 610 mm
Other Honey extractors for self-assembly (shipped in a carton)
Warranty 2 years*