50% Deposit - 4 Frame Nucleus Bee Colony (Riviere-Beaudette, QC Location)

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4 Frame Nucleus Bee Colony - Guelph and Riviere Beaudette Location Only

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A single box with a promising future!

Nucleus colonies or “nucs” are small honey bee colonies created from larger working hives.  These nucleus colonies are perfect for starting a new beehive. These nucleus colonies are Select Quebec local breed 4 deep Langstroth frame nucleus. 

What you can expect to find:

  • 1 laying Queen; newly mated of the year
  • 2 frames of brood,
  • 2 drawn frame of honey
  • Honeybee breed: Carniolan (Apis mellifera)

Our nucs are supplied in a transportable, recyclable cardboard nucleus box.


Uniting gentleness with high productivity
The match for greatness

Professionally selected to become a thriving and productive colony 
Our exclusive nucleus colonies are supplied from a fourth-generation beekeeper. They put their heart into selecting top quality breed queens and honey bees for the highest production potential, gentleness, hygienic behavior and disease resistance. An unparalleled combo!


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We expect to have the nucs available towards mid-March. When the dates are confirmed (depending on weather conditions), we will contact you at least 2 weeks prior to receiving the Nucs. Therefore make sure to provide your phone number(s) and email address. 


Please Note

Nucs are expected to be available on the second week of June (weather permitting)

To reserve a colony, a 50% deposit of $117.50 (50% of the price) is required

Note that the full price of a nuc is $235, balance of 50% to be paid at moment of pick up

Deposits are non-refundable


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