6 Frame Honey Extractor - Premium Stainless Steel "LIQUIDATION"

Model: AEX-6MPR
6 Frame Honey Extractor - Premium Stainless Steel

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Essential for extracting honey from honeycombs and frames Durable, Economical and Efficient beekeeping equipment Simply insert your frames in the extractor and spin! This will save you time and energy Perfect for hobbyist beekeepers

Steal gear with sealed bearings built to last

Made of high grade 304 Stainless Steel making it a top of the line premium extractor. It has reinforced drum and parts and comes with transparent lid covers to see your frames during extraction and a conical bottom to easily drain your extracted honey through the 2 inch metal honey gate.

All parts are safe for honey, built to last and 2 bolt easy to disassemble to clean. 

Offers an ecological coating on the inside that offers a smooth shine look and making it resistant to rust. The stainless steel has a beautiful polished mirror-like finish on the outside (comes with a  protective wrap upon purchase). Comes with legs.

Fits:  6 deep, 6 medium or 6 shallow frames

However current cage does not properly fit Langstroth & Dadant frames, little tweak is required



Drum diameter: 72 cm (28 1/3 inch)

Drum height: 75 cm (29" inch)

Total height: 130 cm (51" 1/5 inch)

Honey gate height from ground: 42 cm (16 1/2 inch) 



Please note: Only available for delivery upon ordering online OR for store pick up in Riviere-Beaudette, QC store.

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