Apimaye 7 Frame Nucleus Super

Model: 220212-US
Apimaye 7 Frame Nucleus Super

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Designed to succeed 

The insulated 7 frame bee hives are perfect for the hobby and commercial beekeepers, young and elderly beekeepers. This super can be used as an extension of the Apimaye Nuc Box which can be divided with the included division board to house 2 separate colonies and used as mating nucs. It has 2 separate color coded entrances and 2 separate top feeders allowing sugar syrup, candies and pollen patty feeding at the same time. It is the best insulated & ventilated nuc available.

Unite your forces 

Possibility to nest 2 queens in a single nuc box for the emergency queen losses, to rear your own queens or to combine two weak colonies during fall and winterize as a single strong colony. When the separator is in use, the nuc box can only hold 6 frames, 3 on each section. Another great feature is its expendability, since  additional Apimaye Nuc Super may be added to have two strong colonies producing in a single hive and the latches hold them together as a single piece.

Lightweight & Practical

The nucs are easier to lift and to inspect. It is lighter than full size 10 frame supers, and bees overwinter better in the 7 frame hives. Having less area to keep warm increases their success rate for overwintering.
They feature the same latches for the supers and top cover for easy transportation. All the beehives have plenty of ventilation holes to prevent moisture build up inside the hive. Any Langstroth standard plastic, wooden or Apimaye handy frames will fit in these hives. All the outer walls and the hive covers are insulated to keep the colonies warmer in the cold climates. 
  • Best rated beehives on Amazon and 1st place winner in Beehive Innovations Award in Apimondia International Apicultural Congress now in nuc size
  • Easiest bee hive to work with for both beginners and professional beekeepers. Assembled and doesn’t need to be painted. Easy to open and inspect, move or feed the bees, and fighting Varroa mites and small hive beetles
  • Insulated to withstand extreme weather, and designed to prevent moisture buildup inside the beehive. Bees can survive colder winters consuming less honey, and spring build up is much faster.
  • Can hold 7 deep Langstroth frames or with the use of the separator it can hold 6 frames, 3 for each section. Perfect for queen rearing and splitting hives.