Beekeeping 101 & Workshop

Beekeeping 101 & Workshop

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Dreaming of starting your own Beekeeping operation, but feeling out of resources? We’ve got you covered! Offered by professionals in the field, these classes are designed for people new to this industry, curious to learn the basics of Beekeeping, and eager to get hands-on experience in the bee yard or for the ones interested deepen their knowledge on the subject with more advance information on technicalities and useful tips. Beginner class, for the second time this year, is offered by Miel MTL, a local sustainable and eco-friendly company, passionately driven to integrate honeybees in our society. 

The mite treatment workshop will be offered by NOD Apiary a well-integrated Canadian Beekeeping company, whose mission is to bring the most sustainable and effective Honeybee products to the marketplace.This class presents an advanced focus on the long term wellbeing of your hives. This in-depth class presents different techniques and approaches to gain the maximum benefit out of your beehive while making sure your bees blossom to reach their full potential.

The beekeeping 101 course has been developed from and is based upon basic core of practical beekeeping. Course consists of two sessions; in class presentations and hands-on lessons in the bee yard.

Course Outline

  • History of Honey Bees
  • Species of Bees
  • Types of individual bees – queen, worker, drones.
  • Parts of Beehive
  • Beekeeping equipment (boxes, frames, smoker, suit etc.)
  • Understanding concept of beehive
  • How to take care of your bees
  • How to maintain your hive throughout the seasons
  • Harvesting and Extracting Honey
  • Pests and diseases of the honeybee
  • Legal requirements
  • A practical booklet will be provided to course participants.
  • Hive inspection 
  • Setting up your hives
  • Maintaining your hives
  • Honey collection & techniques
  • How to improve your honey yields
  • Hive locations & variance
  • Establishing new colonies & genetics 
  • Genetics & subtypes of honeybee
  • Registering your hives
  • How to move or relocate hives
  • All about splits and nucs
  • Hive building/growth techniques
  • How to raise queens easily
  • The community & the industry & market
  • Feeding
  • Medicating
  • Wintering 
  • Inspection techniques
  • Data collection & analysis 
  • Equipment evaluation 
  • Pests & problems 
  • Resources & community 



Date and Time;

May 19th 2018 Saturday at 10 am to 4 pm   Course will be offered in ENGLISH


  • Bring your lunch and snack
  • Coffee and tea will be served
  • Protective clothing will be provided to participants. Long pants and closed footwear should be worn.