Beekeeping 101

Beekeeping 101 Beekeeping 101 Beekeeping 101

$200.00 CAD

The beekeeping 101 course has been developed from and is based upon basic core of practical beekeeping. Course consists of two sessions; in class presentations and hands-on lessons in the bee yard.

Course Outline

  • History of Honey Bees
  • Species of Bees
  • Types of individual bees – queen, worker, drones.
  • Parts of Beehive
  • Beekeeping equipment (boxes, frames, smoker, suit etc.)
  • Understanding concept of beehive
  • How to take care of your bees
  • How to maintain your hive throughout the seasons
  • Harvesting and Extracting Honey
  • Pests and diseases of the honeybee
  • Legal requirements
  • A practical booklet will be provided to course participants.
  • Hive inspection


Date and Time;

May 27th 2017 Saturday at 10 am to 4 pm   Course will be offered in ENGLISH


  • Bring your lunch and snack
  • Coffee and tea will be served
  • Protective clothing will be provided to participants. Long pants and closed footwear should be worn.