Capping Extruder 50 kg/h

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This Capping press is one of a kind unique product that delicately squeezes the wax while recovering honey without excessive press. 

Machine is designed to separate the honey and ironing cappings in a mechanical way. This process takes place inside a perforated cylinder where rotating separation-compression module squeezes the honey which enters the holes between the separating shaft and the perforated sheet metal and trickles onto a sieve underneath, while the remaining wax is pushed and compressed by the screw within the extruder and is then extended. As an effect we get a dry wax ready for remelting. 


Worm gear motor driven screw separation-compression module and transport module
Adjustable stand
Perforated Cylinder for the separation of honey and compression of cappings
Small sizes and user-friendly
Controller to adjust motor speed
Made of high quality stainless steel
Equipped with wheels
110 V power supply
Extruder may also be used in food industry as a fruit press