Chilean Packaged Honeybees 2.2 lb (1kg) with Queen

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Chilean Packaged Honeybees 2.2 lb (1kg) with Queen

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A single package with a promising future!

Packaged bees are used to establish new colonies and replace winter losses. This packaged bees will give you a head start early in the season.


Get your colony started sooner & your bees thriving faster !

Straight from Chile, the honeybees comes in a paperboard tube containing 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram) of bees together with a caged and mated queen bee of this year. This is an opportunity to start your colony sooner compared to local nucleus and to have strong producing hives from the beginning of the season. As always we make sure the honeybees possess a high production potential, at the same time of being gentle, disease resistant and hygienic. 


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We are expecting the nucs to be arrive in April of 2019. The exact date is still to be determined. When the dates are confirmed, we will contact you prior to receiving the Nucs. Therefore make sure to provide your phone number(s) and email address. 


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Packaged Bees-Handling and Management 


Prepare your hive in advance. You will need: bottom board, entrance reducer, hive body, inner cover and outer cover. If available you can provide some frames with pollen and honey, otherwise you can supplement these with pollen patties and sugar syrup. Select a sunny, wind protected and dry spot for your hive. 


Prevent excessive heat or cold while transporting. If transporting on a hot day or for a long period provide water and sugar syrup or honey through the package screens. Bees can stay in packages up to 7 days. 


Open your hive and remove 3-4 frames. 

Take package, hold the feeding can and lift 1 inch, while holdingshake the package sharply to shake bees to the bottom. Remove the can and caged queen, set the queen aside in cage. 

Turn package upside down and shake bees into the space made by removed frames. Replace the frames carefully. 

If the queen is with the bees for more than 3 days you can directly introduce her by opening the cage and allowing her to walk out between the frames. If less than 3 days, introduce the queen by placing the cage vertically between two center frames. If the cage is corkedremove the cork after 1-2 days, if it has a candy cork the bees should eat the candy and release the queen in 1-2 days as well. 

Care and Management: 

Package bees do not come with any brood, so your population will start to decline over the next few weeks. The queen starts laying 2-3 days after she has been released. It will take about 21 days before the first brood begins to hatch. On day 4 or 5 after release of the queen check your frames for brood. New brood means the queen is active and laying. On day 10-14 check for a mostly solid brood patternThe queen can lay faster if provided with drawn comb, if not it is best to choose a wax foundation and feed your bees well, it takes about 5 kg of syrup to produce 1 kg of wax. 

After installation it is important to provide your bees with food as the season is still earlyYou can provide food using a variety of feeders for sugar syrup (water and sugar either 1:1 or 2:1), and by giving pollen patties inside the hive for an added protein boost.