Polystyrene Crown Board/Inner Cover

Model: W11970
Polystyrene Crown Board/Inner Cover

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The Crown board is an inner cover for the polystyrene hive. It has 7 round openings with plastic vent inserts that are removable and 7 polystyrene fitted disc's that can be used to close the openings.  It fits perfectly between the top cover and allows the latches to lock securely.

The crown board for Lyson Polystyrene hives has multiple applications:

- Propolis Collector

- inner cover: to stop bees from building burr comb within the top cover

- Extra Ventilation within the hive

- Jar feed

 Ventilation intensity can be controlled by opening or closing vent holes in the crown board’s surface.

Bees can be syrup fed from mason jar(s) with perforated lids placed top down on the plastic vent inserts in the crown board opening(s).