Honey Extractor 4 Frame (Electric & Manual)

Model: W225MS
Honey Extractor 4 Frame (Electric & Manual)

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The construction of these extractors as well as the implemented control system enable to smoothly regulate the number of basket rotations. Both 4-cassette and 4-comb extractors are suitable for small sized apiaries and can also be utilised by non-professional beekeepers. The main features of those are: compact size and user-frienndly. 

The adapted technical solutions allow for efficient extracting of high viscosity honey. The cone shaped bottom for fluent honey dripping. 


Drum material: Acid-resistant stainless steel and steel
Drum thickness: 0.6mm (sides) and 0.8mm (bottom)
Honey extractors diamater: Ø 600mm 
Basket: acid-resistant, stainless steel
Basket thickness: 0.3mm and 0.5mm
4 Cassette basket Material: Acid-resistant stainless 
4 Cassette basket thickness: 3mm and 4mm
4 Cassette basket  mesh size: 20mm x 40mm
Drive: 110V/12V electric power supply OR manual-electric drive 
Cover: Transparent acrylic glass.
Drain Valve: Stainless steel, flap, 5/4"