Honey Extractor & Settler 2 Frame

Model: W2019_OM
Honey Extractor & Settler 2 Frame

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Tangential honey extractors 2 frame are made of acid-resistant stainless steel. they have three components: the drum with a basket, screen filter and sludge with the valve. All parts are connected with each other by two clamps.

There are four holes in the bottom of the honey extractor that let centrifuged honey drip onto the screen filter. After the initial filtration, honey flows to the settler beneath the honey extractor. Honey extraction suitable for field work.



Drum material: Acid-resistant stainless
Drum thickness: 0.6mm
Honey extractors diamater: Ø 400mm 
Basket: Diagonal, acid-resistant, stainless steel
Basket mesh size: 20mm x 40mm
Drive: Manual with brake, steel gears
Cover: Transparent acrylic glass.
Drain Valve: Stainless steel, flap, 5/4"