Body Lotion - Oriental Essence - Collagen, Honey & Royal Jelly

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Body Lotion - Oriental Essence - Collagen, Honey & Royal Jelly

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Body lotion with a wonderful Oriental Essence scent is enriched with collagen, a natural protein our body produces that makes the skin smoother and inhibits skin aging process. Contains active ingredients that moisturizes and improves condition of the skin.

200 gram 

Beneficial active ingredients

D- Panthenol - biologically active costmetic component, strongly stimulating grwoth and cell renewal. It soothe the skin, irritation, mucous membrane damage and allergic conditions. 

Allantoin active ingredient from comfrey extract, allantoin has a soothing effect that moisturizes, smoothes, softens and accelerates healing of damaged skin. A real boon for harmful external factors causing damage to the skin.

Honey - enriches the skin with biologically active substances. Found in healing cosmetics, honey increases the skin's tension, making it soft and smooth. Enhancing blood flow and elasticity in the skin tissue, it forces wrinkles to become smooth. With its disinfecting and cleansing healing effect, honey removes exfoliated epidermis, cleaning pores thoroughly.

Royal Jelly - contains micro and macro elements, just to name a few: potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, sulfur. It is a treasury of vitamin A, B, E and K. Also contains pantothenic acid, enzymes, coenzymes, biotin and nucleic acid. Royal Jelly restores vitality and slows down the skin aging process.

Glycerine - contains amazing moisturizing properties. It naturally protects the epidermis and maintain hydration. Helps absorbing active ingredients through skin regenerating the lipid barrier without harming it