Labeling Module for Bottling Line

Model: W4086
Labeling Module for Bottling Line

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Dedicated module for Automatic honey bottling Line. Automatic labeling machine for application of self-adhesive labels on jars of 250g to 1250g, making the work process simpler.

The labeller is equipped with modern microprocessor controller, photoelectric sensor, responsible for positioning of jars and fork optical sensor for positioning of labels. Labelling efficiency depends on dispenser speed.


Main characteristics:

  • Adjustable speed
  • Side guides for transportation of jars with adjustable spacing
  • Step motor driven label dispenser
  • Pneumatic jars separator
  • Compatible with jars from 250g to 1250g 



  • Brand: Lyson
  • Item: W4086
  • Dimensions: L 70cm x W 90cm x H 95cm
  • Power: 110V
  • Supported labels: Self-adhesive
  • Maxim label height:120mm
  • External roll diameter: 240mm
  • Inner roll diameter: 40-76mm
  • Label guides: Stainless with aluminium-polyurethane bearings