MAQS - 25 Dose Pail - Formic Acid

Model: NMAQ25
MAQS -  25 Dose Pail - Formic Acid

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Mite Away Quick Strips

Working with beekeepers all over the world this new strip formulation of formic acid not only kills adult Varroa mites but also kills 95% of the varroa under the cappings.  Treatment consists of simply laying the strips across the frames for only 7 days with the daytime temparatures of 50-92 degrees F.  Can be applied during honey flow and leaves no residue.  Leave it on the hive for the bees to dispose of or the strips can be removed and composed. 


Remove entrance reducers, or set-back colony by 4cm (1.5inch). ENTRANCES MUST BE FULL WIDTH OF THE HIVE, typically the bottom board entrance, minimum height 1.3cm (0.5inch). Entrance needs to be fully open for entire treatment. *Screen bottom boards left open DO NOT aid in bees movements of fresh air into brood chamber.


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