Pollen Cleaner

Model: APPC4103

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Pollen cleaner is a device designed for separating pollen from contamination. 

It consists of a centrifugal fan made of several flat blades and a set of two movable sieves. It optimizes the whole process of pollen cleaning.

This device features:

- Smooth regulation of pollen intake speed
- Ergonomical control
- Equipped with 2 motors
- Fan motor 33 Watts
- Air blowing capacity 80 m³ / h
- Vibration motor power 140 watts

• Once plugged in, the blowing fan will start operating
• For the vibrating screens to work, turn the opening button on the electrical panel from 0 to 1 position
• The sifting speed is adjusted with the speed setting on the electric panel.
• Air blowing intensity is adjusted with the flap on the fan.
• After filling the pollen chamber, the pollen cover on the chamber should be opened with the help of a handle.
• When the sieves are full of pollen, the lid should be closed and the pollen on the sieves should be cleaned.
• When the pollen runs out in the sieves, the cover should be opened and the pollen should pass through the sieves.
• Pollen can be cleaned fresh (wet) or dry in this machine.
• Wet (fresh) pollen should be cleaned after being kept in the freezer for at least one night before being cleaned. This application should be done to prevent crushing of fresh pollen.
• There is no need for this application for dried pollen.
• Machine capacity varies according to working speed.