Pollen Dryer (capacity 60 kg of pollen)

Model: W326200
Pollen Dryer (capacity 60 kg of pollen)

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1. External dimension:
width 1150 mm
height 950 mm 
depth 650 mm
width (of the opening through which the trolley passes) 660 mm
height (of the opening through which the trolley passes) 925 mm
wall of the chamber - thickness 20 mm

2. Trolley dimensions
width 655 mm
height (with wheels) 910 mm
depth 595 mm
width of dryer 565 mm
length of dryer 565 mm
depth of dryer 30 mm
height of wheels 115 mm

Pollen dryers parameters and specifications:
Pollen dryer entirely made of acid resistant stainless steel. Heaters power 2×2 kW. Possibility of using one or two
heaters. Temperature controller. Power supply 400V.  Ventilator 2×100W .

This dryer is completely made of acid-resistant stainless steel. The device consists of two components: the heating cabinet and trolley with trays for pollen.

Trays, on which the pollen is placed can be easily removed and control the process of pollen drying.

Controller in 60 kg and 100 kg pollen dryers facilitate pollen drying using one or two heaters. Pollen dryers are equipped with digital temperature controller (temperature control in the range 30-75°C).