Standard Hive Kit (Unassembled)

Model: AST-13
Standard Hive Kit (Unassembled)

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Our Standard Hive Kit is a perfect combination for starters. All you need to start beekeeping is in one easy package !

The standard hive kit contains:

• 1 Deep hive body
• 1 Medium hive body
• 1 Screened bottom board

• 1 Inner cover
• 1 Entrance reducer
• 1 Queen excluder
• 1 Metal telescopic cover
• 10 Deep wooden frames & plastic foundations
• 10 Medium wooden frames & plastic foundations
• 1 Smoker
• 1 Hive tool
• 1 Hat and veil combo
• 1 Pair of leather glove

Standard langstroth complete hive includes telescoping top, inner cover, medium and deep hive and wooden frames with plastic foundation, screened bottom board, hive tool, bee smoker, beekeeping hat with veil and gloves. All you need to start beekeeping in a single package!