Natural Body Scrub - Sweet Aphrodisiac - Honey & Vanilla

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Natural Body Scrub - Sweet Aphrodisiac - Honey & Vanilla

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This Honey based blend moisturizes and nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. The Sweet Aphrodisiac Body Scrub is rich in lipids, vitamins, mineral salts and micro-elements. This handmade formula has a unique regenerative properties, allowing renewal of dead skin. Thanks to its natural active ingredients, this salt scrub gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin, strengthens the connective tissue and has a firming effect. The skincare leaves a thin lipid film on the skin that protects against excessive water loss

Its wonderful White Fantasy scent is enriched with a vanilla fragrance.  With salt particles and its other ingredients (listed below), it eliminates the feeling of roughness, leaving the skin smooth to the touch. This scrub improves blood circulation, making the skin better oxygenated. 

200 gram 

Detoxifying active ingredients

Honey - enriches the skin with biologically active substances. Found in healing cosmetics, honey increases the skin's tension, making it soft and smooth. Enhancing blood flow and elasticity in the skin tissue, it forces wrinkles to become smooth. With its disinfecting and cleansing healing effect, honey removes exfoliated epidermis, cleaning pores thoroughly.

The Iodine-bromine salt - gently exfoliates the skin, firming it and stimulating blood circulation.

Almond oil - contains a number of natural nutrients, such as proteins, mineral salts and vitamins A, E, D and from group B. Positively affect the firmness and elasticity of the skin, delaying the aging process, protects the skin from negative external factors, while preventing cell dehydration, contains large amounts of linoleic and oleic acid, which soften the epidermis and strengthen the lipid protective barrier of the skin.

Shea butter - rich in both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, it contains natural allantoin, which soothes irritations, helps to eliminate discolorations, it is recommended for people with sensitive skin. Shea also prevents burns and irritations, protecting the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals. It has a regenerating and regenerative effect, and also stimulates the skin to produce more collagen, which helps to counteract aging skin.

Jojoba oil - Perfectly absorbed by the skin, strengthens the intercellular cement layer, which in turn prevents drying of the skin. Used with any type of skin, especially recommended for inflammation, dandruff, sunburn and acne. Prevents the appearance of stretch marks (occurring, for example, during pregnancy).

Beeswax - is used as an ingredient, among others creams, ointments and soaps, lip balms, lipsticks. It occurs in the flap, natural or whitened form. When added to creams and lotions, it makes it easier to spread and leave a protective filter on the skin.

Glycerine - contains amazing moisturizing properties. It naturally protects the epidermis and maintain hydration. Helps absorbing active ingredients through skin regenerating the lipid barrier without harming it