Uncapping Table Reinforced 150 cm

Model: W40460B_LN
Uncapping Table Reinforced 150cm

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Effortlessly removing your way through the first step of extraction!


Beautiful, inside and out

This is the first step of your extraction. Before accessing the honey, you need to remove the wax coating off of the frames. The removed wax will drop onto the included perforated sieve, that will filter the wax and the dripping honey. 


What is included 

Stand to hold up to 40 uncapped Langstroth frames
Removable basket to hold the frame from capping off. 
Trapezoidal bottom & a low honey gate for easy drain to the last drop.

Optional top cover & heated wax melting cover – sold separately


    Holding power, strength and capacity, effortlessly

      This bold machine is built from high quality acid resistant stainless steel. Manufactured by Lyson with high quality standards. A quick glance at its dimensions:

      Overall length 157 cm

      Overall width: 55 cm  

      Inner length is 150 cm

      Inner width 48.5 cm

      Its adjustable legs allow a maximum height of 90 cm and minimum height of 83.5 cm.