Varroa EasyCheck Mite Shaker

Varroa EasyCheck Mite Shaker

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To help beekeepers check their hives for Varroa more easily and accurately, Véto-pharma introduced “Varroa EasyCheck”. EasyCheck is a simple, reliable and reusable tool for use with alcohol wash. The transparent bowl makes it easy to count the mites, either before or after removing the basket of bees. You just have to look at the underneath and count the mites, easy!

Treat when varroa levels are greater than or equal to those shown in the table below

Monitoring Method

Number of Varroa Mites in May

Number of Varroa Mites in August

Either Roll 1 mite/ 100 bees 2 mites / 100 bees
Alcohol Wash 2 mites / 100 bees 3 mites / 100 bees
Sticky Board 9 mites / 24 hr drop  12 mites / 24 hr drop