Wooden Pollen Trap

Model: 10043
Wooden Pollen Trap

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Add a this pollen trap under the bottom the bottom brood box to act as a base to the hive.

The design replaces the bottom board and is left on all year round.

Put the door bar in the bottom entrance to close the trap.As soon as you see your bees bringing in pollen you can start collecting.enough pollen gets past the stripping plate to service the colony. 

The vent design and stripping plate help maintain healthy air circulation in the hive that will control the humidity.

Close the trap in the Fall when pollen season is ending. You can leave the trap on in the winter.

This pollen trap was designed to make pollen collection simple and profitable. 

This is one of the best pollen traps around. It is very well built to give you years of worry free pollen gathering.