Honey Sump Heated 150 cm

Model: W2081
Honey Sump Heated 150cm

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Clarify your vision. See beyond

Make your honey extraction a breeze by using this Heated Sump Honey clarifier!


Simply pure 

Equipped with five very efficient filtration strainers, this beauty is made of a perforated stainless steel, meshed of varying dimensions from bigger to thinner. This allows precise flowing and removal of impurities through separate chambers. 

Its length is 150 cm and includes a one piece stainless steel cover with two knobs for easy handling. A must! 


Your missing puzzle piece  

The sump is vital for the commercial-size extraction process. It can be fitted with a float switch, which by working with a honey pump (optional), automatically controls the level of honey in the sump.

This clarifier can be linked to your extractor to remove impurities within your sweet gold. You can then readily go on to the next step!


Powerful and Efficient

Power supply 110v / 50Hz 

Heating power: 110V / 440 W 

Temperature regulation: 30 – 50 degree Celsius

Length: 150 cm

Number of chambers: 5 pieces

Number of drains: 1 x 5/4"

Type of valve: ball