Uncapping Tray with Stainless Sieve & Honey Gate

Model: W32400
Uncapping Tray with Stainless Sieve & Honey Gate

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Uncapping table with plastic tray, with stainless sieve and stainless steel stand
Note that the item comes in white colour. 

Honey uncapping bin includes straining sieve, holdable handles on each side for easy transportation, a removable stand to uncap your frames with ease.
The stand holds wooden or plastic frame in place when removing cappings using an uncapping fork or knife, saving you time and effort.

Removing the cappings are necessary to access the honey stored in each cell of the hive frame. Having 10 frames on each super and brood box multiplies the effort needed. 
This uncapping tray is all you need to facilitate your honey processing


  • Brand: Lyson
  • Model: W32400
  • Tray dimensions: L 61cm x W 41cm x H 30cm
  • Sieve perforation diameter: 6 mm