Apimaye Deep Hive Body

Model: 22203-US
Apimaye Deep Hive body

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The Most Advanced Beehive

Welcome to the next generation beehive system. Apimaye beehives are rated the best bee hives by beekeepers all around the world. Our hive system delivers an award winning design with highest quality materials that you and your bees deserve. 


R 6.93 Insulation

The R value is a measure of thermal resistance, or ability of heat to transfer from hot to cold, through materials. The higher the R-Value, the more a material prevents heat transfer. The most noteworthy feature of our beehives is the R 6.93 insulation. Standard 3/4″ thick pine wood used for building a beehive has an R value of about 1.04, so for a wooden beehive to have same insulation its walls have to be 5″. Double layer insulation helps keeping the colony warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, creating an ideal living environment for the bees especially in the extreme climates like in Arizona, or New England. It reduces the winter food consumption, and stimulates colony growth in the spring therefore the colony is more productive in the next year.

Moisture Control System

The materials used in our Apimaye beehives do not absorb moisture. The beehives are also designed to have an active ventilation system, hence resisting fungus growth, condensation, and mold, which are common problems in wooden hives.


This is a single deep hive body without frames.