Complete Hive Kit with 2 Deep Body (Unassembled)

Model: AST-15
Complete Hive Kit with 2 Deep Body (Unassembled)

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Everything you need to start producing honey as a set in a single package. Assemble, add your bees and you are set!

 This Complete Hive Kit comes with double deep bodies (standard size brood box) and all parts for a complete Langstroth beehive.

Instructions with images are included within the package for an easy to assemble home for your bees.


The hive kit contains:

• 2 Deep hive body standard Langstroth brood box size 9 5/8" height

• 1 Screened bottom board offering great air circulation in the hive, limiting moisture accumulation, comes with a back drawer for Varroa mite check

• 1 Inner cover as an inner roof for honeybees so that they do not build in the outer cover (otherwise it damages their comb every time you'd open the lid.

• 1 Entrance reducer to control the circulation in/out the hive (very useful to keep intruders out) 

• 1 Queen excluder to separate brood box from honey super so the queen bee does not lay eggs where you collect your honey

• 1 Metal telescopic cover a barrier protective the beehive from outside elements 

• 20 Deep wooden frames &  waxed Rite-Cell plastic yellow foundations

Standard langstroth complete hive includes telescoping top, inner cover, two deep hive body and 20 wooden frames with plastic foundation, screened bottom board and a queen excluder. A package to start a new hive!