Polystyrene Feeder - Unpainted

Model: W10970
Polystyrene Feeder - Unpainted

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Ready to use feeder for the Lyson polystyrene 10 frame hive. Simply place on top of the hive over the brood box fill with either syrup or dry feed. Be sure to close the sliding access door and plug the top entrance(s) when liquid feeding.


  • -feeding inside the hive during hot and cold weather
  • -quick and easy filling without disturbing the hive
  • -large capacity feeder (11L) reduces frequency of filling
  • -holds either wet or dry feed
  • -fits perfectly on top of the hive with locking clips to secure the feeder on top of the brood box and under the lid
  • -prevents any robbing and drowning

Designed to fit Lyson polystyrene hive components.

  • This polystyrene feeder can be painted with exterior latex which will add a protective layer making it more resistant to wear for a longer lifespan