Apimaye Beehive Set

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Apimaye Beehive set

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R 6.93 Insulation

The R value is a measure of thermal resistance, or ability of heat to transfer from hot to cold, through materials. The higher the R-Value, the more a material prevents heat transfer. The most noteworthy feature of our beehives is the R 6.93 insulation. Standard 3/4″ thick pine wood used for building a beehive has an R value of about 1.04, so for a wooden beehive to have same insulation its walls have to be 5″. Double layer insulation helps keeping the colony warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, creating an ideal living environment for the bees especially in the extreme climates like in Arizona, or New England. It reduces the winter food consumption, and stimulates colony growth in the spring therefore the colony is more productive in the next year.

Moisture Control System

The materials used in our Apimaye beehives do not absorb moisture. The beehives are also designed to have an active ventilation system, hence resisting fungus growth, condensation, and mold, which are common problems in wooden hives. Apimaye beehive is equipped with a screened bottom board which enables air intake. The top feeder located on the top contains air slots in the perimeter enabling the moisture to leave the hive body, and the telescopic hive top cover has slots in the front and in the back to let the moisture out of the beehive. In addition, there are adjustable round entrances on the deep hive bodies which can be used for bee entrance or for ventilation.

Loaded with Accessories

Apimaye beehive sets come loaded with accessories totaling more than $100. Each of our hives are equipped with a screened bottom board with mite tray which are proven to help fighting small hive beetle and Varroa mites. There is also an integrated pollen trap and a pollen tray to collect fresh local pollen during high pollen season. On top of our 2 story beehive, you can find the zero-drown top feeder which can hold either a gallon syrup or your pollen patties to feed the bees. The beehive set also comes with a queen excluder for adding a honey super and a division/uniting board for when you need to split a big colony or merge 2 weak colonies.

If you want to add extra supers, or want to harvest propolis, or need additional frames, frame spacers, round entrances, queen excluders, etc, we have them all ready for you.

The switch to Apimaye beehive is easy if you already have beekeeping equipment. Our beehive is standard Langstroth hive size therefore you can use any wooden or plastic frames interchangeably, or add your existing wooden supers on top of our Apimaye beehives.

Easy to Cary, Easy to Maintain

One of the biggest praises for our beehives are about the latches and handles. Each box is equipped with latches and grooves to add as many boxes securely as you wish. The telescopic top cover also has latch grooves so it would not fly off even in the strongest winds. The latches on the deep boxes have handles so you can easily hold or move your beehive. Both medium supers and the deep supers also include grooves for handling.

Our hives do not require painting. They won’t rot or bend from moisture. Cleaning after an infected colony is easy by spraying the hive with diluted bleach solution.

Bee Friendly

Apimaye insulated bee hives are made from food grade, UV-resistant plastic (HDPE) with anti-static additives. None of our products contain BPO either. Therefore you can use our products with ease of mind.

To sum up:

  • Insulated to maintain constant brood temperature at extreme climatic conditions
  • Ventilation to reduce moisture and diseases
  • Lower food consumption during winter
  • Better colony development in spring
  • Loaded with easy add-on accessories
  • Compatible with your existing beekeeping equipment
  • More practical, more hygienic, bee friendly, UV-resistant, food grade material

Package Contents

  • Screen bottom with entrance reducer and built in pollen trap and drawer
  • Deep brood box
  • Deep Super
  • Queen Excluder
  • Division and uniting board
  • 4 Frame spacers
  • Top Cover Feeder
  • Hive Cover