Apimaye Inner Cover/Feeder Half Size (Set of 2) (Pre-Order 5% discount ~ ETA May 2022)

Model: 20202

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Apimaye Top Cover Feeder acts as the Inner Cover. Fits Apimaye hives only. 

The hive-top feeder has several distinct advantages over other types of feeders:

-ability to feed syrup and dry feed simultaneously with the split feeder design or 2 colonies within the same box in conjunction with the dividing board.

You don’t have to fill the feeder more than once every week or two.

You can fill the feeder without risk of being stung (the bees are on the opposite side of the screen).

Because you don’t have to completely open the hive to refill it, you don’t disturb the colony (every time you smoke and open a hive you set the bees’ progress back a few days).

Because the syrup is not exposed to the sun, you can add medication without concern that light will diminish its effectiveness.

Half Size-Feeders. Item is for 2 half-sized feeders.


Arrival is expected for the month of May 2022. 
Please allow an additional 2 weeks for pick up availability from our Guelph Store