Apimaye Queen Breeding Hive

Model: 24301
Apimaye Queen Breeding Hive

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Apimaye Queen Breeding Hive includes:

• Insulated Hive Top Cover with louvered vents and latches to secure to hive box.

• 4 Inner Cover/Feeder (feeds all 4 sections independently to eliminate bee interactions) The feeder can be used for wet or dry feed.

• 1 insulated  Deep Brood Box double layer filled with insulation to keep bees warm in winter and cool in summer. Versatile and can be used as full deep, or divided into 2 smaller nucs, or 4-way queen breeding or temporary housing for reserve queen(s). Covered divided entrances that are color coded so the queens can easily return to the right section. 

• 16 Queen Frames (Half the size of a normal frame) uses wax foundation.   Queen frames can also be connected together and converted into a normal frame, if so desired, by linking them together via a special frame adapter.)

 • 2 Division & Uniting Boards

 • IPM Bottom Board ventilated with screen for varroa and removable inspection tray.