Apimaye Bottom Board for Wooden Hives

Model: 20085
Apimaye Bottom Board for Wooden Hives

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Bottom Board for Wooden Hives

G type bottom board is designed specifically for the US market to be compatible with the existing wooden hives of the beekeepers. These bottom boards are equipped with pollen trap and Varroa screen.

The bottom boards can be used safely in all climate conditions. The unique grill design enables ventilation in extremely hot weather, while helping remove moisture from the bee hive at the very cold temperatures. Balancing the moisture inside the hive results in maturing the honey sooner, thus increasing the hive productivity.

The bottom boards are equipped with a Varroa mite trap and a drawer. The mite that fall on the drawer are stuck in the drawer and can not return to the hive. The Varroa mite can be controlled without any chemicals by periodically inspecting the mite trap drawer.

The pollen traps on the bottom boards are specially designed to prevent bee injuries while collecting the pollen. A built in pollen tray enables collecting the pollen hygienically.

The bee hive entrance holes can be opened or closed very easily. The entrance can also be width-adjusted based on the climate.

The air channels built into the board prevents bee losses during transportation.

The boards are built tough against impacts and are durable.

They are easy to clean,

And they are compatible with your Langstroth 10 frame beehive!