Bee Cozy 1 Storey Winter Wrap

Model: COZY1
Bee Cozy 1 Storey Winter Wrap

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Wrapping your hive will increase the chance of your hive surviving winter and leave on for the early spring buildup to produce strong hives ready for honey production.

Bee Cozy is just the right material to protect your hive from freezing winter temperatures and provides a windbreak for breezy locations. Slip the Bee Cozy on your bee hives in late fall to prevent unnecessary heat loss and conserve feed stores. 

Bee Cozy is easy to use slip-on, slip-off UV treated polypropylene wraps contain environmentally friendly R8 fiberglass, just the insulating layer your bees need to get through the winter successfully.

Measurements 15” will cover one deep hive body / brood box.