Honey Pump

Model: W20210GNF
Honey Pump

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Efficiency at its finest

The device you’ve been dreaming of that pumps large quantities of honey, at a rapid pace. 


A Mechanical beast

With its 370 W motor power & 230 V plug, this equipment has the spacious pumping capacity of 900 Litre of honey per hour (240 gallons/hour) at a temp of 30 degrees. 

Easily adjustable flow rate using the one-knob control panel.  

Variable speed with inverter controlled motor.


Keep it moving

Pump with silicone impeller. 
Built on wheels with locks to keep it steady.  
Handle makes it easy to move the pump before or after use. 
Can be used for any task requiring honey to move from one place to another. 


Flexible and versatile

it makes your life easier, every step of the way!

This multi-facet machine is often used to pump honey from the clarifying tank sump after the extraction. But it can also be used for any task requiring honey transfer between strainers, settling and bottling tanks. 

Furthermore, it can be used with a float switch to detect the level of liquid within a container and automatically start/stop when needed. 


The pump is quite a gem!