Pollen Dryer Cabinet 30 kg

Model: W3262000
Pollen Dryer Cabinet 30kg

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The dryer is made entirely of acid-proof stainless steel. The device consists of two elements:

  1. heating cabinet
  2. trolley with pollen trays (10 trays)

External dimensions:

  • width - 1045mm
  • height - 840mm
  • depth - 545mm
  • opening width (through which the trolley with trays enters) - 555mm
  • hole height (through which the trolley with trays enters) - 815mm
  • chamber wall thickness - 20mm

Device Parameters:

  • Power of Heaters 1 x 2kW
  • Temperature Regulator 30-95°C
  • Power supply voltage 230V
  • Fan 100W

Power Supply is 230V with a 20 amp plug.